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ATVs are 3 or 4-wheeled vehicles used for off-road riding. ATVs are ideal for many outdoor activities and are commonly used by:

  • Farmers and ranchers 
  • Hunters and fishermen 
  • First responders 
  • Commercial landscapers 
  • Families (recreational use)


The last 30 years have seen a significant increase in the popularity and use of ATVs, and with that has come an increase in the number of accidents involving ATVs. 

ATV Accidents & Injuries

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been more than 6,000 ATV-related deaths since 1982. Tragically, 31% of these reported deaths were children under the age of 16 and 13% were under the age of 12. In addition, many more people have been seriously injured in ATV-related accidents. ATV injuries include: 


Many of these accidents are a result of the unsafe condition of the ATV. 


When ATVs were first introduced to the market in the early 1970s they were “three-wheelers.” These vehicles were involved in so many rollover accidents resulting in injury or death that a lawsuit was filed against their manufacturers in the late 1980s. This litigation caused the ATV manufacturers to agree to stop producing three-wheeled ATVs, but they did not recall the millions of defective ones that had already been sold. As a result many of these extremely dangerous ATVs remain in use today.


In addition, many ATV accidents are caused by improper use of ATVs by untrained, unskilled, or careless operators.

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