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Our lawyers bring honesty, integrity, and top-level legal talent to the practice of personal injury law.  By coupling legal expertise with decades of experience in the field, our personal injury lawyers have built a long-standing, consistent and reliable record of success throughout Minnesota.  The firm is equipped to handle Minneapolis personal injury cases from the pre-suit stage through all phases of litigation, including appeal.

The goal of any case we take on is to obtain full and fair compensation for our clients. To that end, we offer the following services.

  • Free Initial Case Review
    First, assuming you have a colorable personal injury case, we will review the facts of your case and give you our thoughts on whether to pursue the matter.
  • Advice to Guide You
    Assuming we take you on as a client, we provide straightforward advice and guidance. Our job is to make sure you’re fully informed so you can make good choices. We’ll tell you the truth about your case whether it’s good or bad. We’ll present you with the reasonable options as to how to proceed. Then we’ll give you our recommendation on choosing the best path forward.
  • Settlement Negotiation
    The negotiation phase typically begins after a client’s injury has stabilized, and our firm has gathered the documentation necessary to properly evaluate and then negotiate the case. Because our trial lawyers have a reputation for achieving results in trial that are consistently among the very best in the state, we have a distinct advantage when negotiating potential settlements, and many cases are settled for top values before the case is put into suit.
  • Litigation
    Cases that do not settle pre-suit can be put into litigation. This means the case is filed with the court and is placed on track to go through discovery and then on to trial. All of our personal injury lawyers are highly trained litigators with the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate Minnesota’s court system.
  • Jury Trial
    It is in trial that a lawyer’s effort and skill are truly revealed, and it is in trial that our firm has truly distinguished itself as one of the very best personal injury firms in the state of Minnesota. We have developed a team of talented and highly trained trial lawyers who have built up a record of success that speaks for itself. (Please see our verdicts & settlements page for information on past results.) While no firm can guarantee the results of a personal injury trial, we can give you our assurance that, if and when we take your case to trial, we’ll invest the very same high levels of effort and skill that have proven so effective and successful in the past.
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