Minneapolis Explosion Injury Lawyers Near Me

Explosions typically result in either severe injury or death. In addition, because much of the evidence is often destroyed in the explosion, the issues involved in proving what caused the explosion and who is responsible are often complex and difficult. As a result, anyone injured by an explosion should be represented by a seasoned personal injury attorney with experience in explosion litigation. Having successfully represented a number of clients in explosion cases over the years, Hall Law has considerable experience in this area.

Most recently Hall Law successfully represented a number of the injured plaintiffs in the explosion litigation resulting from a natural gas leak in downtown St. Cloud. The explosion resulted in a devastating blast that killed four people, injured many others and leveled several area buildings. As a result of the explosion, claims were brought against the gas company, the construction company working at the explosion site, the company managing the construction project and the owner of the construction project. After comprehensive pre-trial discovery implicating all of the defendants, successful settlements were negotiated on behalf of all of our clients.

Hall Law also successfully represented the family of a man who was killed when a neighbor’s home blew up in an explosion caused by gun powder. As a result of that explosion, claims were brought against the manufacturer of the gun powder and the neighbor. After a trial, the jury made a substantial award in favor of the family we represented

The personal injury attorneys at Hall Law are experienced in explosion litigation, have a thorough understanding of the complex issues involved and have a record of success. Let us take care of all the issues involved in the legal process so you can concentrate on your recovery and rehabilitation.