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Smiling girl wearing helmet driving ATV on rural farm

ATV Accidents & Injuries: How to Protect Yourself

April 19, 2019
When temperatures start to rise, so do the numbers of people getting outdoors to enjoy recreational activities. Unfortunately, the number of injuries and accidents also tends to rise at this time. One of the largest causes of these types of accidents is the use of recreational vehicles like ATVs. This article will cover some of...
Man in wheelchair waiting for physical therapy

Spinal Cord Injuries: Your Essential Questions Answered

April 10, 2019
The impact of a spinal cord injury on your life and the lives of your family can be devastating. Physical and emotional repercussions as well as the cost of treatment can last a lifetime. Our Minneapolis spinal cord injury lawyers cover some important questions about spinal cord injuries to help you better understand this type of injury...
Doctor treating burn, Hall Law personal injury lawyers

Injury Compensation for Burn Injuries at Work

April 1, 2019
Burns are some of the most serious workplace injuries employees can experience, and they can take a large toll physically, mentally, and financially. Medical care and recovery can take days, weeks, months, or even years depending on the severity, so proper compensation of employees for their injuries is crucial.  Here we'll discuss common types and...

Firm lawyer, Michael Hall, III serves as Legal Education Instructor

March 28, 2019
On March 25, 2019, veteran personal injury trial lawyer and firm president, Michael Hall, III provided CLE instruction at a seminar for lawyers seeking a better understanding of how to litigate a car accident/personal injury case.  As a result of his work litigating personal injury cases, Mr. Hall has gained notoriety for his cross-examination of...