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What Is the Average Settlement For a Personal Injury?

What Is the Average Settlement For a Personal Injury?

Sizable personal injury lawsuit payouts are often the basis of major headlines. When juries award hundreds of millions of dollars for an injury, every news outlet wants to share the story.  

That said, around 95% of all pending lawsuits end up settling, and the average personal injury settlement won’t be discussed on the nightly news. In fact, many settlements come with a nondisclosure agreement, which means amounts awarded cannot be shared with the public. 

On top of that, the procedure for settling a personal injury suit can be long and drawn out. A case can take months or even years to settle. But for those whose lives have been permanently changed by another person’s neglect or carelessness, a fair settlement is well worth the wait. 

Factors That Can Affect the Average Personal Injury Settlement Amount

It is difficult to estimate an average personal injury settlement amount because there are so many factors that affect an individual’s case, such as:

  • The certainty of liability
  • The severity of the injuries
  • Emotional damage caused by the injuries
  • Psychological damage caused by the injuries
  • The full impact of the injuries
  • Cost of litigation
  • Cost of treatment to recover from injuries
  • Length of treatment to recovery from the injury

Two people may experience nearly identical injuries in a car accident, but their experiences, expenses, and recovery thereafter may be radically different. 

One person may require extended hospitalization due to age or other health complications, and the other may lose their livelihood due to the injuries they sustain. These types of considerations and many more are taken into account when calculating a settlement.  

Typical Personal Injury Compensation

Compensation is, theoretically, based on the amount of damages the injury has caused. That said, compensation can also rely heavily on the skill of your personal injury attorney. 

Not every attorney has the necessary experience in personal injury litigation to get the best results for their clients. Checking an attorney’s website for case results can help you determine whether they have been successful in representing their past clients.

How To Get the Highest Possible Personal Injury Settlement

An insurance company will have a team of lawyers and other legal professionals working for them, but when you hire an attorney, you have a team on your side, too. Your attorney and their legal colleagues will bring their knowledge and skill to the case and address any settlement offers fairly. Retaining legal counsel is the best way to ensure a higher settlement value.

Negotiating a Settlement

You have lived with your injury and know the details of the event that caused it better than anyone. However, an attorney knows how to gather all the evidence needed to prove liability and secure a high settlement amount. 

For the best results, find an attorney who specializes in your type of accident, whether it’s a  motorcycle accident or a work-related accident. Working with an experienced professional increases your chances of getting more than just the average personal injury settlement. 

How To Receive a Personal Injury Settlement in Minnesota

Getting the settlement you deserve all but requires contacting a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident. Prompt preparation ensures all timelines will be met, witnesses won’t forget details, and no evidence will be lost. To that end, your attorney will begin compiling facts and conducting interviews while all the information is still fresh. It could take approximately a year from the first filing to receive a settlement. Your settlement check will be sent to your attorney for distribution. Because most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, they will keep their agreed-upon percentage of the compensation and forward the remainder to you.

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