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What Are the Odds of Dying in a St. Cloud Car Crash?

What Are the Odds of Dying in a St. Cloud Car Crash?

Severe car crashes are a common cause of death across the United States, including St. Cloud, MN. Understanding the risks associated with motor vehicle accidents is important, as it allows us to take necessary safety measures. 

Ultimately, the odds of dying in a car accident hinge on several factors, including the number and types of vehicles involved, the speed of the vehicles, and the type of accident – for example, a rear-end crash versus a head-on collision. 

Car Accident Statistics in Minnesota and St. Cloud

The following figure highlights our vulnerability on the roads: 

  • Around 42,795 people died in the United States as a result of motor vehicle crashes in 2022, declared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 
  • In 2022, car crashes claimed the lives of 444 individuals in Minnesota – these numbers signifying a modest decline of 9% from the previous year.
  • Zooming into St. Cloud specifically, there were just two fatal accidents reported in 2021 and four in 2020. 

Statistically speaking — based on sheer number comparison— your risk of dying in a car accident while driving in St. Cloud is quite low. You’re much more likely to be involved in an accident where you suffer injuries instead.

Factors That Increase the Risk of Fatal Car Accidents

The degree of risk you assume while driving is directly proportionate to the negligent behaviors – either yours or other road users – exhibited. The riskiest behaviors that substantially raise the threat of fatal car crashes include the following:


Speeding is a prevalent issue across all roads— from city streets to highways. It significantly escalates your odds of a deadly accident. Exceeding speed limits reduces your vehicle’s response time in case of obstacles or other vehicles that cross your path. The higher the speed, the more damaging the car accident tends to be as well. 

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence ranks among one of the most common factors behind fatal motor vehicle accidents. Drinking impairs critical driving skills like concentration, judgment, and coordination and makes it difficult to maintain control of your vehicle. Reaction times are also decreased significantly after drinking alcohol – even if your BAC is below the legal limit of .08%.  

Failing to Wear a Seat Belt

Neglecting to wear a seat belt puts you at major risk in the event of an accident. Though it seems like such a simple precaution, it’s easy enough to underestimate its importance. However, seat belts play the crucial role of securing occupants during collisions and preventing them from being ejected from their cars. 

In many documented cases, those who aren’t securely restrained are far more susceptible to serious injuries, like broken bones and spinal cord injuries, or even death, than those buckled up securely. 

Texting While Driving

This distracting and illegal behavior is yet another prominent factor in fatal car collisions. Taking your attention away from the road – even for a brief moment to text – vastly increases the chances of an accident.

While car accident fatality rates in St. Cloud are low compared to broader statistics, one fact remains undeniable: reckless driving behaviors increase the risk of fatal collisions drastically. 

What To Do if You Lose a Loved One in a Car Accident in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Losing a loved one in a car accident is tragically painful, and the emotional trauma from such an event can be overwhelming. It’s challenging to focus on anything beyond your grief during these times. However, knowing what steps to take can make life a bit more bearable by providing some measure of closure and compensation for this loss.

Contact Law Enforcement

Your first step should be to contact law enforcement and ensure they have completed an accident report if that was not done at the scene. Police reports often contain critical details about what occurred and establish factors like who was at fault.

Understand Your Rights 

It’s important to understand that you, as a grieving family member, have rights. Should the accident be due to someone else’s negligent actions (like speeding, distracted driving, or drunk driving), you can file a wrongful death claim legally seeking compensation for damages.

Consult an Attorney If You Lost a Loved One in a Fatal Car Accident 

After securing the public documentation of events from law enforcement officials, you should then look into legal representation. Choose a personal injury attorney experienced in handling wrongful death cases. They will understand what evidence is needed and how best to build your case for court or negotiations.

While compensation won’t bring your loved one back, holding the responsible party accountable can help you seek justice and closure.

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