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Blog Category: Sexual Abuse

Organizations With a History of Sexual Assault and Abuse

Child sexual abuse is a serious public health problem. It can cause irreparable harm to a child. It involves sexual activity with a minor when the minor does not fully comprehend or consent to the activity. Sexual assault of a child is a criminal offense throughout the country. Sadly, child sexual abuse is more common […]


What Is the Difference Between Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault?

Sexual abuse and sexual assault, though often used interchangeably, technically denote different offenses within the context of the law. In general, these terms take on the following meanings: Sexual Abuse The term sexual abuse is typically (but not always) associated with crimes against minors under 18 and encompasses any forced or coerced sexual act placed […]


A Comprehensive Investigation of Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports

Outside of school and family, sports have a bigger impact on a child’s character and personality than perhaps any other factor. Young athletes look up to their coaches, often idolizing them and trusting them unconditionally. When this trust is betrayed by a coach, doctor, or trusted figure, children and their parents expect someone in authority […]

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