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Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Minneapolis

Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Minneapolis

Although Minnesota law prohibits the use of red light cameras — cameras attached to a traffic light to capture drivers who run a red light — that doesn’t mean you won’t get ticketed for running a red light.

If you’ve been observed running a red light by a Minnesota traffic officer, you’ll still get a ticket — and depending on where you are, you could get a serious charge of reckless driving to boot. 

Red light cameras are meant to prevent car accidents. However, in Minnesota, they are illegal. Nonetheless, you could still get ticketed because of a traffic cam. The state uses “blue lights,” red light enforcement lights to capture signal violators.

A blue light camera is actually a pair of blue lights attached to the back of a traffic pole that light up when a car enters a guided intersection after the light turns red. Two officers work in tandem to issue tickets at a “blue light” intersection: one observes the lights and the other follows any vehicles that run the red light.

Penalties for a Red Light Ticket in Minnesota

Minnesota permits right turns on red lights unless the intersection is specifically marked to prohibit this. Some one-way streets also permit left-hand turns into another one-way street as long as the vehicle comes to a complete stop first and yields to oncoming traffic. 

Vehicles may pass through an intersection if the light is yellow but must come to a complete (not rolling) stop at any intersection guided by a stop sign.

Violating any of these traffic laws leads to a ticket for a petty misdemeanor, with fines up to $300 + surcharges and points added to your license. If you get a red light ticket, you have the right to challenge it in court or simply admit guilt and mail the fine to the location listed on your ticket.

Fighting a Red Light Ticket in Minnesota

Some people may not wish to have points added to their driver’s license or may believe that they received the ticket in error. If this happens, you have the right to a contested hearing to challenge the ticket. 

On the back of the ticket is a box to check to request the hearing — just check the box and mail the ticket to the court.

Although about one in four tickets are mistakenly issued, only 5% of drivers challenge them. Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer increases your chances of a successful outcome by helping you avoid fines, insurance rate hikes, and possible license suspension.

Your lawyer can:

  • Request the contested hearing on your behalf
  • File motions for discovery, which will produce evidence on your behalf
  • Represent you in the court hearing
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduction in your penalty

Many people find that the investment in legal representation provides benefits that protect their driving records.

Dangers of Red Light Cameras

Although a red light camera is intended to save lives by reducing the number of drivers who try to “beat the light,” there are some dangers with this kind of ticketing system.

Drives who know that there is a red light camera at an intersection may suddenly stop on yellow when they see the light. Although the goal of a red light camera is to make sure that people stop in time, if the driver of the car behind anticipates going through the intersection on a yellow light, they can rear-end the stopped driver.

A Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve been ticketed for running a red light in Minnesota, you have the option to appeal it — you may be one of the lucky 25% who was issued a ticket in error. A traffic defense lawyer can help you with this process, potentially saving you money and protecting your driving record.

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