Personal Injury Lawyers from Hall Law P.A. appear before Minnesota Court of Appeals

January 11, 2019

On January 9, 2019 Hall Law P.A., personal injury attorney Michael Hall, III appeared before the Minnesota Court of Appeals to defend the legitimacy of a four million dollar jury verdict obtained in Minneapolis more than a year ago.  The original verdict was secured by a team of top lawyers from Hall Law P.A. including personal injury attorneys Anju Suresh, Mike Hall, Sr. and Michael Hall, III.  The appellate hearing was held in the Minnesota Judicial Center in St. Paul.   At issue before the Court were questions involving the admission of evidence, the use of curative instructions,  and the propriety of closing argument.  When evaluating a jury’s verdict, a reviewing court considers the evidence in the light that is best and most favorable to the prevailing party.  Those interested in hearing the best arguments from both sides can listen to the hearing’s audio recording.  The Court’s three judge panel heard arguments from appellant and respondent and took the matter under advisement.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals issued a decision in favor of Mr. Hall’s client on March 18, 2019. 

Michael Hall, III - President, Senior Trial Lawyer

Senior Personal Injury Trial Lawyer, Michael Hall, III