Mike Hall, Sr. - Minneapolis Personal Lawyer

$825,000.00 Personal Injury Settlement – Auto Accident

December 19, 2018

On November 15, 2018 Mike Hall Sr., the founding member of Hall Law P.A., secured a personal injury settlement of $825,000.00 in an auto-accident case.  Mike Sr. was assisted on the case by associate trial lawyer Anju Suresh.  The car accident resulted in a lumbar spine injury with associated chronic low back pain.  The injury was treated with a multi-level fusion surgery and subsequent radio-frequency neurotomy (RFN).   As a result of the multi-level fusion, the patient will be at risk of developing adjacent segment disease.  Additionally, because RFN treatments provide only temporary relief from chronic pain, the procedures will need to be repeated on a repeating basis going forward. 

Lawyers in the personal injury field keep track of settlements in certain types of cases.  The results in RFN cases in particular are closely monitored in the industry.   Based on the data available to our firm it appears that Mike Hall Sr.’s $825,000.00 settlement is likely the largest RFN settlement to date, in Minnesota history.   Congratulations to Mike Sr. on achieving such a strong result for his client!