Truck Accidents Caused By Negligent Hiring and Supervision

November 17, 2022

More and more big trucks are on the road every day and that means that the risk of an accident increases as well. It is the job of trucking companies to reduce the risk of accidents by hiring and training capable drivers and making sure that they follow proper safety protocols and regulations.


When this does not happen, and inadequate training and supervision leads to an accident, it is the fault of the trucking company. The accident falls under a legal theory that states that the party in charge of the driver has a responsibility to maintain safety.

What is Negligent Hiring and Supervision?

Under the law, a trucking company has a duty to hire qualified individuals and oversee both their training and activities while driving one of their vehicles. In this way, they are responsible for the vehicle as well as the behavior of the person operating it.


Negligent hiring occurs when a company fails to review a potential hire and take into account all the factors that impact their eligibility for the job. In this case of driving a big truck, it would be a situation where the company that is hiring the driver fails to take a look at their past driving record or whether or not they have the necessary certifications to drive the vehicle.


Negligent supervision results when a company that has hired a truck driver does not ensure that they maintain their training, follow proper safety standards, or perform their duties in a manner that is fitting the role they were hired for. This means that they don’t check log reports and look at vehicle use when on the road to see if the driver is behaving correctly or being reckless.


At the end of the day, if the company could have known that a driver was a potential risk on the road or more likely to cause an accident, the trucking company is the one to be held responsible for the accident.

Proving Negligent Hiring and Supervision

After an accident with one of these vehicles, trying to prove that the accident was a result of negligent hiring and supervision can be difficult without the help of a legal professional. A personal injury attorney will be able to help you with gathering the types of evidence you need to prove your case.


Here are some of the types of evidence you will need to prove the negligence in your case:


  • Driving records, disciplinary records, and other reports kept by the trucking company
  • The employee policy of the trucking company
  • Accident reports or citations
  • Medical certification
  • Testimony from witnesses
  • Testimony from the driver themselves about company policies and follow through


Much of the information you need may be difficult to acquire without the help of a lawyer, as the trucking company may not be willing to hand over the records and information you need without a legal expert making the request.


Besides proof of the trucking company’s negligence, you’ll also need all the proof of your own losses and damages including things like medical records, bills, wage slips, travel expenses, legal fees, etc. This will help in building your case for compensation once you have proven that the trucking company was the one at fault for the accident and owes you compensation for your injuries.

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