Car accidents often result in significant injuries and property damage, and individuals should be able to recover compensation for their losses. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to deal with insurance carriers and at-fault parties to secure the compensation needed. At Hall Law P.A., we are here to help if you need a St. Paul car accident attorney by your side. We will explore all avenues available for compensation on your behalf, including your insurance carrier, the other driver’s insurance coverage, and even a possible personal injury lawsuit.

Why Choose Hall Law P.A. for a Car Accident Claim?

When your well-being is on the line after an accident, you need to turn to a team with the experience and resources necessary to handle every aspect of your claim.

  • Results. Simply put, our results in car accident claims are consistently among the very best in the state.
  • Experience. At Hall Law P.A., our team has been practicing law for more than five decades. During that time, firm lawyers have developed a track-record of success that has resulted in state-wide recognition as a top-level personal injury firm. We have a well-developed history of handling complex vehicle accident claims and securing significant settlements for clients.
  • Client Focus. We always focus on putting the client first, which means you will have our attention at all times when you have questions or concerns about your case.

How Will a Lawyer Help a St. Paul Car Accident Case?

It is critical to have a skilled car accident lawyer by your side as soon as possible after the accident occurs. An attorney will be able to go head-to-head with the other parties involved in your case, including the insurance carriers, legal teams, and the at-fault party. Using the resources at their disposal, your car accident lawyer in St. Paul can conduct a complete investigation and gather all evidence needed to prove what happened.

While gathering evidence and working to prove liability, an attorney will enlist economic and medical experts who can evaluate your injuries and work to adequately calculate total expected losses. This is an overlooked aspect of the process, but it is critical to help ensure that you recover enough compensation to make you whole after the incident.

Importantly, a lawyer will be responsible for handling all negotiations with the insurance carriers and legal teams involved. In the event the no-fault thresholds have been met, an attorney will also pursue additional compensation from the at-fault party. Minnesota can be challenging when it comes to car accident compensation due to the no-fault insurance system, which we will discuss below.

Understanding Minnesota No-Fault Insurance

Minnesota is a no-fault state when it comes to car accident insurance. This means that individuals turn to their own car insurance coverage to pay for certain losses after the incident occurs, regardless of which party caused the crash. This is different from how most states handle auto insurance, where individuals turn to the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier for compensation recovery.

Individuals in Minnesota are required to carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage as part of their insurance policy that pays for various out-of-pocket losses after a car accident, up to the policy limits. Under the no-fault insurance policy, the policyholder, their spouse and children, other living relatives in the home, and anyone else using the vehicle will typically be able to receive this coverage after an accident.

Under the no-fault system, PIP insurance will typically cover:

  • Medical bills (typically up to $20,000)
  • Lost income (typically up to $20,000)
  • Replacement services, including paying for chores and household cleaning that cannot be done due to accident injuries
  • Funeral expenses up to $2,000 if the incident results in a person’s death

Unfortunately, non-economic damages, including coverage of physical and emotional pain and suffering damages, are not paid for through the no-fault insurance system.

Filing a Claim Against the Other Driver

It is possible to step outside of the no-fault insurance system in Minnesota and file a third-party injury claim against the at-fault driver if the accident meets certain “thresholds.” these thresholds will be met in the event:

  • The car accident victim sustains at least $4,000 worth of medical expenses caused by the accident, and/or
  • The car accident victim suffers from a permanent injury, and/or
  • The car accident victim suffers from at least 60 days of disability, and/or
  • The car accident victim suffers from permanent disfigurement caused by the incident.

Can You Use Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

One benefit of the no-fault insurance system in Minnesota is that individuals can typically recover compensation for their injuries even if the other driver does not have insurance or if the incident is a hidden run. Additionally, every driver in Minnesota is required to carry uninsured motorist coverage, so this adds an additional layer of protection for injury and property damage compensation if the other driver does not have insurance or if the other driver flees the scene and is not apprehended.

How Much is a St. Paul Car Accident Claim Worth?

There is no set amount of compensation for how much a car accident claim in St. Paul is worth. Various factors, including the severity of the injuries, how much work is missed, and total property damage losses, will factor into compensation payouts. As we mentioned above, individuals can typically receive up to $20,000 for medical expenses and $20,000 for loss of income. Individuals will also typically be able to receive up to $10,000 for hiring replacement service assistance in the home, though this benefit will not kick in until seven weeks after the incident occurs.

In the event the no-fault injury thresholds have been met, additional types of compensation could be recovered above and beyond these limits, but the total amount will still depend on the overall severity of the incident. A skilled attorney will work with medical, financial, and economic experts to calculate your total losses.

Is There a Time Limit for Filing a Car Accident Claim?

There are various statutes of limitation in place for vehicle accident claims in Minnesota. Which particular time frame applies will depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding the particular case. Due to the varying time restrictions related to these claims, we strongly encourage you to reach out to a St. Paul vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer will examine every aspect of your case and help walk you through the applicable deadlines. Additionally, a lawyer will make sure that they file the claim on time and appropriately.

Steps You Can Take After a Car Accident in St. Paul

There are various steps that car accident victims in St. Paul, Minnesota, can take to help ensure that they receive the compensation they are entitled to. This includes:

  • Calling 911. It is critical to report the incident to the police, sheriff’s office, or Highway Patrol district responsible for the particular area where the incident occurred. The police need to come to the scene and fill out an accident report that can be used by the insurance carriers to process the claim. Additionally, calling 911 will help ensure that other emergency services get to the scene to help with the incident.
  • Seeking medical help. It is crucial for any car accident victim to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Even if injuries do not seem very severe, it is important to go to the doctor for an evaluation. Not only does this help establish that any injuries occurred as a result of the car accident, but it also helps make sure that your well-being is the number one priority.
  • Gather evidence. Sometimes, it may be possible to gather evidence at the scene of a crash. Regardless of whether or not Minnesota uses a no-fault system, evidence is important. This is particularly true for situations where the no-fault injury thresholds are met and a claim needs to be filed against the other driver involved. Liability still matters in a no-fault system. Some of the evidence that can help prove liability includes photographs of the vehicle, injuries, damages, debris or skid marks, traffic conditions, weather, and more.
  • Contacting the insurance carrier. You should report the accident to your personal insurance carrier as soon as possible. Most insurance carriers require prompt notification of any incident. Any delay could result in the claim being denied or delayed significantly.
  • Call an attorney. Because of the complex nature of the no-fault insurance laws in Minnesota, we encourage you to reach out to an attorney who has experience handling these situations. An attorney will be able to point you toward the best possible path of recovering compensation after a crash.
  • Follow doctors’ orders. Many people stop medical treatment when they start to feel better, but this could be a mistake. We encourage all car accident victims and St. Paul to follow through with all doctor visits and require treatments that a doctor recommends. Discontinuing care early could send a signal to the insurance carrier that the injuries are not as severe as initially claimed, and this could affect the total settlement.

Will You Settle or go to Court?

The vast majority of vehicle accident claims in St. Paul and throughout Minnesota are resolved through settlements with the insurance carriers. Again, one of the benefits of a no-fault insurance system is that individuals will turn to their own insurance carrier regardless of who caused the incident, and this usually allows for a quicker settlement to help victims pay for their expenses. However, in the event the injury thresholds have been met and claim has to be filed against the at-fault driver, this could result in a longer time frame and the case actually going to court.

When you work with an attorney, they will examine every aspect of your case and help you make the decisions that are best for your particular situation. Your lawyer will advise you as to whether or not any settlement offer you receive is adequate and whether they think you should pursue additional compensation from the other party.

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

We understand that it can be challenging and scary to think about paying for an attorney. However, at Hall Law P.A., we are proud to take St. Paul car accident claims on a contingency fee basis. This means that clients pay absolutely no legal fees and no upfront costs while their case is ongoing. Our team will only collect legal fees after we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. You will only pay the agreed-upon percentage after the final settlement or jury verdict. Additionally, if we do not win your case, you will not pay any legal fees at all.

Call a St. Paul Car Accident Lawyer Today

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