Auto accidents are one of the most common causes of serious injuries in Minnesota. At Hall Law P.A., we recognize that most motor vehicle accidents are preventable. Our St. Cloud auto accident attorneys are passionate about helping victims and loved ones achieve justice by holding at-fault parties accountable. To learn more about your case, schedule a free consultation at (800) 292-1979.

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  • We are aggressive in how we negotiate with auto insurers. We are always prepared to go to trial, if that is in your best interest.
  • We have experience in all types of auto accident cases, including truck, car, motorcycle, bus, taxi, rideshare, bicycle and pedestrian accidents.
  • We accept all St. Cloud auto accident claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not pay a dime in legal fees until after we win your case for you.

The Importance of Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Whether this is your first car accident case or you have been injured in a collision before, you could benefit from hiring a car accident attorney. It is especially critical to hire a lawyer if you have serious injuries. Insurance companies often offer less than a client’s injuries require. After you hire a lawyer, your insurance company will have no choice but to take you seriously. Your lawyer will have the resources necessary to make sure the insurance company fully compensates you for your injuries and losses. Your lawyer will also answer all of your legal questions, and support you during a difficult time in your life.

Auto Accident Laws in Minnesota

One of the many benefits of hiring an auto accident lawyer is gaining access to key information about Minnesota’s car accident laws. Minnesota is a no-fault state, for example. This will change how you file a car insurance claim. For the most part, you will file a claim with your own insurance company, even if you were not at fault for the collision. Your own personal injury protection insurance will cover your medical bills and property repairs.

If, however, your injuries are serious enough, they will allow you to file outside of Minnesota’s no-fault system. You will be able to bring a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. A third-party claim could reimburse you for greater damages than a first-party claim. Your injuries must be significantly or permanently damaging for you to have grounds for a third-party claim. Serious injuries include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

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What to Do After an Auto Accident

It is important to take the correct steps after a car accident if you wish to recover fair financial compensation. Insurance companies often try their best to save money by finding reasons to deny claims. Taking the right steps after your crash can increase your chances of a successful insurance claim. However, if you are severely injured, your condition may not allow you to take some of the following steps.

  1. Report the car accident to the police immediately.
  2. Obtain medical care without delay. Keep in mind you may have injuries with delayed symptoms.
  3. Exchange identifying information with the other driver.
  4. Preserve evidence by taking photographs and talking to eyewitnesses.
  5. Keep copies of medical records and bills.
  6. Report the auto accident to your insurance company.
  7. Do not admit fault.
  8. Hire a St. Cloud auto accident lawyer.

When in doubt about what to do or how to protect your rights after an auto accident in St. Cloud, contact a lawyer early on in the process. The attorneys at Hall Law P.A. are happy to talk with you about your auto accident and guide you through each step of the claims process.

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