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Rollover cases present unique issues that require the skill of an attorney experienced in rollover litigation. The car accident attorneys at Hall Law have considerable experience successfully handling rollover cases. As a result, we are well acquainted with the complex issues presented by such claims and are uniquely positioned to ensure our clients receive the best possible result for their individual circumstances.

Victims of Rollover Accidents

In past years, studies have shown that more than 9,000 people die and 50,000 are injured annually in vehicle rollover accidents. Studies have shown that rollover occupants suffer death or severe injury more than twice as often as non-rollover occupants in serious accidents.

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Factors That Contribute to Rollover Accidents

Vehicle Lateral Stability

Rollover accidents often occur as a result of problems relating to a vehicle’s lateral stability. The wider and lower an object, the harder it is to topple by applying a force to the side. If you push a low, wide object, it tends to slide, whereas a tall and narrow object will tend to tip over. The ratio of the width of an object to its height — or more accurately, to the height of its center of gravity — governs the object’s resistance to tipping over when subjected to a side force.

While important, the ratio of a vehicle’s width to its center of gravity height is not the exclusive factor affecting a vehicle’s lateral stability. Several other design factors also play a part in vehicle stability, such as the suspension system.

Tire changes during driving can also affect a vehicle’s lateral stability. When cornering, a vehicle’s tires deflect laterally, literally tucking under the wheel. Tire deflection can sometimes decrease the track surface width, which can lower a vehicle’s stability. 

The above factors all affect vehicle stability and should be taken into consideration during the investigation and reconstruction of any rollover accident.

SUVs and Rollover Accidents

SUVs can be particularly susceptible to rollover accidents. Their tall, narrow design — adopted for off-road clearance of rocks, brush, mud, snow, and standing water — make SUVs less stable. Studies have shown that such vehicles can roll over at a rate two or more times that of the average passenger car. Similarly, data showing the rate of incapacitating injuries resulting from rollover accidents in prior years reveals that the rate was 27.6% higher for SUVs than for the average passenger vehicle.

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Other Contributing Factors to Rollovers

  • Overloading a vehicle, particularly the roof
  • Tires that are old and/or underinflated
  • Excessive speed, particularly on curves
  • Environmental factors such as wet or icy roads
  • Distraction, drowsiness, or the influence of drugs or alcohol

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