According to the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), 5,172 motorcyclists were killed in crashes nationally in 2017 alone. Every year thousands of Minnesotans are injured as a result of motorcycle crashes. 

The Minneapolis motorcycle accident attorneys at Hall Law have years of experience obtaining full, fair compensation for persons injured in bike accidents. As a result, we are well acquainted with the unique issues presented by such claims and are well positioned to ensure our clients receive the best possible result for their individual circumstances.

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  • Our personal injury attorneys have recovered substantial verdicts and settlements over the course of our firm’s history. Our firm recovered a seven figure verdict, the largest jury verdict in the history of St. Cloud, MN .
  • The attorneys at our firm do not back down easily and consider all legal options available to help determine the best path forward for our clients.
  • We always prepare for a trial, even if it is not necessary. By preparing for trial, our attorneys are more prepared and approach settlement negotiations with the goal of recovering a higher settlement. 
  • Our lawyers operate under a contingency fee system, and only recover a fee if a case is awarded compensation. Simply put – no win, no fee.

How Can a Minneapolis Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help? 


Injured riders often have difficulty trying to recover fair compensation from an insurance company after an accident.  Insurance adjusters commonly try to shift the blame onto the rider to avoid liability or pressure them into accepting less than fair settlement offers. An experienced Minneapolis motorcycle accident attorney will take over all communication with the insurer and aggressively protect your rights by not settling for less than you deserve. Their resources will also significantly increase your case’s chance of success.

Your attorney will be able to handle every aspect of your case, including the necessary paperwork, meeting deadlines, gathering critical evidence to strengthen your claim, accurately calculating your case’s value, and ensuring the at-fault party is held accountable.

What are Common Injuries Associated with Motorcycle Accidents?

Driving a motorcycle provides less protection than other modes of vehicles. Motorcycles lack a traditional cab like cars, trucks, vans, busses and semi-trucks. As a result of the design of a motorcycle, riders can suffer more severe injuries than their passenger vehicle counterparts when involved in an accident.

While airbags can provide protection to those involved in accidents inside a cab, motorcyclists do not have the same protection as other vehicles. 

Due to the nature of the motorcycle, more severe injuries can occur to a motorcycle operator. In the event of an accident, the injuries below can occur:

  • Lacerations – Lacerations are common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents 
  • Road Rash – When a rider or accident victim’s skin comes into contact with a road at high speeds, skin abrasions can occur. These skin abrasions are commonly called “road rash”. Road rash injuries can vary drastically from one case to the next. Those that wear protective motorcycle gear tend to suffer less road rash compared to riders that are not wearing protective gear. 
  • Internal Injuries – Damage to internal organs can occur from cases that involve blunt force trauma. In some cases internal injuries can lead to internal bleeding. Internal injuries can be caused by blunt-force trauma injuries or penetration trauma. 
  • Fractures During a crash, a limb can become trapped under the motorcycle or underneath another object. Wrists and arms can also break as a motorcycle rider braces for contact with the road in an attempt to break a fall caused by the accident. 
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries Serious injuries to the head and brain can occur during an accident. Brain injuries can vary significantly from cases that involve minor concussions to extreme injuries to the brain that involve bruising, contusions, penetrating brain injuries and in the most extreme cases brain death.  
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Injuries to the spinal cord can be catastrophic in nature, dependent on the severity of a spinal cord injury, a victim may be temporarily or permanently paralyzed. 

If you have suffered injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident, our Minneapolis motorcycle accident attorneys are here to help. Injuries can cause a victim to pay substantial amounts of money for medical bills and loss of work. Our lawyers can help recover what was lost. 

Can Motorcycle Safety Gear Reduce Injury and Death in an Accident?

According to the CDC, an estimated 1,859 lives were saved by motorcycle helmets in 2019. Helmets also reduce the risk of death in motorcycle accidents by 37% and head injuries by 69%. In 2020, 65% of fatal accidents involving motorcycles involved the rider that suffered the fatal injury not wearing a motorcycle helmet.  Simply put, wearing a motorcycle helmet while riding can save your life and help limit severe brain injuries in the event of an accident. 

In addition to wearing a helmet, wearing protective motorcycle equipment can help minimize injuries during an accident. Pieces of safety equipment including gloves, jacket, boots and pants can help reduce injuries. 

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can result from a number of negligent acts. The most common causal factors reporting officers cite include: 

  • Unsafe speed
  • Driver inexperience
  • Driver inattention or distraction
  • Failure to yield right of way

Alcohol plays a significant role in fatal motorcycle accidents. Pursuant to state law, drivers who die in traffic collisions must be tested for blood alcohol content. In 2005 forty-five percent of the motorcycle drivers killed in traffic collisions tested positive for alcohol, and nearly one third of those tested had blood alcohol levels which exceeded the legal limits.

Minneapolis motorcycle accident attorney

Motorcycle Accident Damages Recovery

Most motorcycle accident claims are based on negligence law. “Negligence is the failure to exercise such care as persons of ordinary prudence usually exercise under similar circumstances” — Mingo v. Extrand, 230 N.W. 895, 896 (Minn. 1930). 

Generally, when a driver operates his or her vehicle in a negligent manner, he or she may be required to pay for any damages resulting from such negligence. Due to the low profile design of many motorcycles, drivers of passenger vehicles may find it more difficult to see a motorcycle in their rear or side view mirrors, compared to other vehicles on the road. This is especially true if a driver is distracted. 

When a driver is engaged in distracted driving behavior, they are less observant and aware of their surroundings. In some situations, a car operator may fail to check these surroundings and switch lanes. This type of behavior can increase the possibility of accidents. Every year in Minnesota, thousands of motorcycle accidents occur resulting from drivers turning in front of motorcyclists. 

If you believe that negligence played a factor in your motorcycle accident, recourse is available. 

What Damages Can I Recover After a Motorcycle Accident?

After a motorcycle accident, victims may be entitled to recover the following types of damages: 

Economic Damages

Reimbursement for actual financial losses, such as: 

  • Medical Expenses: Costs for treatment related to the injuries caused in the motorcycle accident. 
  • Anticipated Future Medical Expenses: The cost of any ongoing and future medical care you may require. 
  • Lost Wages: Compensation for the time missed from work while recovering, both up until now and income you will lose in the future. 
  • Diminished Earning Capacity: If your injuries will forever interfere with your ability to earn an income, you may be entitled to compensation for the difference in the income you can make now compared to before the accident. 

Non-Economic Damages

Compensation for subjective, non-monetary losses, such as: 

  • Pain and Suffering: Compensation for the amount of physical pain you have had to endure and will in the future. 
  • Emotional Distress: If the accident or your injuries have caused psychological conditions, such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, terror, PTSD, etc. 
  • Disability or Disfigurement: If the accident left you with a permanent disability that leaves you unable to care for yourself independently or a permanent disfigurement that causes physical and emotional pain.
  • Loss of Quality of Life: If your quality of life has been affected—for example, being unable to do things that you could do before the collision. 
  • Loss of Consortium: A spouse can recover this type of compensation for a loss of marital benefits, such as affection, companionship, services, or sexual relations. 
  • Wrongful Death: If the accident resulted in the death of a loved one, surviving family members can pursue compensation for funeral and burial expenses, loss of expected income, and more.

In some motorcycle accident cases, the court will award punitive damages. However, this type of compensation is reserved as punishment in cases involving a defendant (at-fault party) who was extremely reckless. 


How Much Do Minneapolis Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Charge?

When you hire a motorcycle accident attorney, you typically won’t have to pay any money upfront. Many Minneapolis motorcycle accident lawyers, including Hall Law P.A., represent injury victims on a contingency fee basis. This means that we are paid a certain percentage of any damages you are awarded, and if your case does not recover any compensation, you do not owe any legal fees. 

This percentage is agreed upon in advance but is often 33.3% of your settlement or award. As a result, our attorneys will work hard to protect your rights and ensure your case is successful, and you do not have to risk any money out-of-pocket.

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