Minneapolis Burn Injury Lawyers

The personal injury lawyers at Hall Law are experts in handling burn injury cases. Burns are among the most tragic and debilitating injuries a person can face. At Hall Law, we understand the unique challenges faced by burn victims.

Our attorneys have years of experience litigating burn cases and obtaining fair compensation on behalf of our clients. The physical, emotional and monetary challenges of recovering from a burn injury are often staggering.

In some cases, burn injuries can require years of hospitalization, doctors visits, physical therapy, and extensive counseling to overcome the physical and emotional trauma associated with burn injuries. Our lawyers take care of the legal issues so burn victims can focus on recovery and rehabilitation.

Injuries to the Skin

The skin is the largest organ in a person’s body. In addition to providing us with the sense of touch, the skin also provides our internal organs with critical protection from environmental hazards such as extreme temperatures, disease-carrying microbes, and various toxins. The skin also plays an important role in our body’s regulation of body temperature and fluid balance. Specialized cells present in our skin help the body prevent and fight disease. For these reasons, damage to the skin through a burn injury can be devastating to an individuals overall health, impairing or even eliminating many of the essential functions this skin performs.

Burn Categories

  • First Degree Burns: First degree burns typically affect the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). Such burns tend to be moist and red in color. A sun burn is a good example of a first degree burn.
  • Second Degree Burns: A second degree burn penetrates the entire epidermal layer, extending deeper into the layer of skin known as the dermis. Such burns are characterized by a moist, pinkish appearance which can be accompanied by blistering. Such burns can be extremely painful.
  • Third Degree Burns: Third degree burns are the most serious. They occur when all layers of the skin are burned and the underlying tissue is damaged. Such burns are characterized by a white or black appearance, and permanent scarring is inevitable.

A burn injury can be one of the most painful and traumatic personal injuries a person can suffer. The financial, mental and physical costs of recovering from a burn injury are often staggering. The personal injury attorneys at Hall Law are experienced, have a thorough understanding of burn injuries and have a record of successfully representing clients with burn injuries. Let us take care of all the issues involved in the legal process so you can concentrate on your recovery and rehabilitation.