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Firm Lawyer, Michael Hall, III Elected President of Minnesota Association for Justice

October 29, 2019
The Minnesota Association for Justice Elects New President – Michael Hall, III Michael Hall, III becomes 65th President of the Minnesota Association for Justice   Brainerd, Minn. – Twin Cities attorney Michael Hall, III was elected president of the Minnesota Association for Justice (MAJ) at the association’s annual convention, which took place on August 16, 2019...
A pile of orange leaves on the ground with a rake laying on them

Home Accident Prevention: Seasonal Safety Tips for Fall

October 29, 2019
We all want our families and guests to feel welcome and safe in our homes, but the home is unfortunately also one of the most common locations for accidents that result in injury or death. In 2017, an estimated 127,300 preventable injury-related deaths occurred in homes and communities, or about 75% of all preventable injury-related deaths that...
Driver uses smartphone while driving

Cell Phone & Distracted Driving Accidents: How to Protect Yourself

September 16, 2019
The past few years have unfortunately seen major increases in drivers using their phones while driving. Although there are increased regulations addressing phone use and distracted driving — most notably the new hands-free law in Minnesota — accidents continue to occur. What causes distracted driving Distracted driving with cell phones falls into one or more of three categories:...
Male cyclist driving up mountain road

Common Bicycle Accidents Drivers & Cyclists Need to Know

August 16, 2019
Bicycling is a hobby for some of us and a lifestyle for others. Bike accidents, however, put a real cramp in the fun factor. It's worse when those accidents involve a motor vehicle, because the likelihood of injury to the bicyclist dramatically increases in these situations. We tend to see these accidents occur when the driver’s...