Michael Hall, III - President, Senior Trial Lawyer

Michael Hall, III to serve as Course Chair at Minnesota Association for Justice Seminar

January 2, 2019

On February 22, 2018, personal injury trial lawyer and firm president, Michael Hall, III will serve as Course Chair of the legal education seminar put on by the Minnesota association for Justice. 

In addition to serving as Chair of the two-day legal education seminar, Mr. Hall will also be presenting to the association on two topics relevant to the practice of personal injury law.  On one front, Michael will be lecturing fellow personal injury lawyers on best practices and developing strategies for performing cross examination of medical experts in personal injury trials.  Mr. Hall will discuss strategies employed in several top personal injury trials.  Later in the seminar Michael will be presenting on rules associated with medical examinations conducted in personal injury cases under Rule 35 of the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure.   Mr. Hall and his firm have been at the leading edge of developing case law in this area, and Mr. Hall is expected to discuss several recent court orders from Minneapolis and St. Cloud.