Are we the rigth firm?

Not all law firms are the same, and it’s important for potential clients to find a firm that fits their needs and expectations.  For example, we are not built for speed.  Some firms are built to get quick results, which often means settling for less than full compensation in order to hurry things along. That is simply not how we operate. Instead, we take pride in standing firm and getting our clients the best result possible.

People put their legal fate in our hands and we take that responsibility very seriously. Sometimes this means our client’s future ability to live with a decent quality of life and pay the bills depends on our work.

Importantly, prospective clients should understand, we’re going to give it to you straight. That means we’ll tell you the truth about your case whether it’s good or bad.

If we take you on, we’ll fight for you like you’re family. We see it as a privilege to serve clients who have put so much trust in us, and we do our very best to repay that trust with effort and skill.

Who should consider becoming a client?

  • People who want lawyers with the expertise, ability and passion to achieve top level results
  • People who want their case handled in a professional manner
  • Injured people who are being treated unfairly and need help
  • People who’ve suffered serious long-term injuries
  • People who want straight-talk from their lawyer 

If you’re unsure whether you should become a client, give us a call at 800-292-1979. We’ll listen to your case and let you know what we think.